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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Training Logs 20-2-12 to 4-3-12

Double training log this time. Busy couple of weeks with a Bucks Party in the Gold Coast with Groomsmen Mal Derbidge, James Freeman and Andy Rayner along with sick kids, Sam organising wedding things and work on. I got in what training I could but still managed to do quality rather than quantity. So much so that I am feeling a lot more comfortable with my runs and swimming. Wedding plans are coming along and it is getting exciting now for all ;)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Training Week 13-2-12 to 19-2-12

Hi Guys,
Lots of work-life balancing this week in regards to training. With sick kids and shocking weather, many of the planned sessions were changed to pushing the two kids in the pram at a hard pace for a good sweat out and muscle strength work. I got an Ironman distance bike in on the weekend 11 weeks out from race day and the feeling in the legs was good. Great for moral when a long way out from race day and the longest part of the race is feeling good.
Next week will be a 'whatever I can get done' week. Sam is away in Sydney for work, kids are still sick, and I head away late Thursday until late Sunday night for my Bucks Party Weekend with my Groomsmen Mal Derbidge, James Freeman and Andy Rayner. Hopefully some of the recovery can involve some swim-jogs to 'flush the system out' ;)

Monday, 13 February 2012

Training Log 2-6/2/12

Biking is going well. Running is coming along and body is feeling good for it. Now I just need to up the swimming. Adding more runs in and lengthening as the body allows. Weather has been a shocker and just hope for a small window of 'Summer-like" weather to get some fun kilometres in. Winter cycle race programs are coming up soon and will be fun to plan in a few good hard races that will test me.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Training Week 30/1/12-5/2/12

Another week down. Non stop torrential rain whenever I had the opportunity to train this week which stopped the walks with the kids that add a few hours of pram pushing (10kg bub + 15kg+ girl + pram of gear). The family headed down to Sydney for the day on Saturday for a day of catch ups and a fitting-lunch of the Groomsmen for my coming wedding to Sam in March. Run are feeling better and I just need to add more sessions in. I got a good bike session done on the Sunday with a hard race with lots of efforts and more big dog work after. Swimming sessions need to increase. I had hoped for more this week but it just didn't eventuate.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Training Week 23/1/12 to 29/1/12

Hi Guys,
A good mix of training and fun this past week. I got back into the swimming with a couple of sessions also and the shoulders are reminding me I need to get going again with more swim consistency. A fun Golf day on Sunday with the crew from Hunter Industrial Ceramics topped off a great weekend. A few more training sessions linked in with Max and Frankie to make use of my child minding time with some fun for the kids. Bike racing is progressing well with an unfortunate last lap puncture ruining any chance of a placing. Intensity on the bike is creeping up and the thighs-back are adjusting well. I'll increase the runs this coming week after testing runs this week went well. We had a great family day on Australia Day with a lovely BBQ and foreshore harbour fextival mixed in. Overall, I pulled up well in a recovery week and can increase again next week.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Training Week 16-22/1/12

Another week down. Busy week at work with the partners away. Sam had her Hen's Night on the weekend and by the longevity and severity of hangovers it seems that it was a great success :) . The kids were a dream so all worked out well. I signed on for a new countryside loop with Justin Jefferson and the boys and it proved to provide great terrain that I will incorporate into my training. Walks and Mtb with Frankie-Max replaced a few sessions due to commitments but lugging an extra 20kgs around on the Mtb certainly added some strength work to the week.
Run and swims will be added to next week along with possibly two bike races if the weather allows. That should take care of the intensity for the coming week.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Bevan Training Log 9/1/12 to 15/1/12

Hi Guys,

Second week completed and feeling better on the bike. I increased the testing of the legs on the bike this week with some good hill efforts and an A grade bike race. Nil swimming but I did start my core work again. The running-walk has allowed the body to ease back in and I will be increasing the time this week however run intensity stays the same. Lacked race fitness and the recovery from the hills sessions took the zip out of the legs. However the diesel engine is still there. Tour Down Under is on the tv this coming week so that will be great to view with GreenEdge becoming the first Aussie Pro Tour team.

Training log 9-15/1/12

Cheers, Bevan.